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‘2020 Manual Trend Setter’: Hansem’s New Ideas for Usage Information Expressions!!

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Hansem is keeping on researching how to express information in a way that is more intuitive and accessible to the user. Particularly, the representation of directions and information through video is especially of interest to Hansem.

While we know that it is unrealistic to think that all of the pertinent information will be provided through video in the future, at the same time we also understand that text-based manuals are no longer always useful or ideal for users. So what will be the best approach?

Providing accurate and ample information through a standard text-based manual and then providing information on cool new features and particular strong points in supplementary videos will likely appeal to the younger generations which is used to searching YouTube for information.

Considering all of the above, Hansem has been looking for the best way to plan out the creation of additional informative videos to provide to users and has come up with the following ideas.

After devising these ideas, we planned for the screen UIs to be designed specifically for the core functions of the Google Photos and SmartThings apps on the latest Android smartphones.

Let’s take a closer look at this, then. I think most people will appreciate the UI of the main screen after these changes.

A short overview of about a minute or so can show users what features they can take advantage of when using the app, which can also spark user interest.

It would be ideal to design the video so that it brings multiple functions together into the single harmonized format of the manual through applying the color and effects to help demonstrate the characteristics of each function well.

Scroll down on the main screen and you will see a variety of menus that you can launch in Google Photos. Select the Share Albums function. Does this page’s UI that appears here look good this way?

We wanted to be more helpful to users by adding videos and pictures along with simple text.

And the last highlight! We have provided these steps in the manual as an experience element and allow the user to participate with them directly by touching the screen and moving through them. This allows the user to actively experience the product. By going through these, the user can easily understand the product that that they are using, and they can also have a fun and positive experience.

What do you think? Doesn’t the brilliant color and video immediately draw the user to their smartphone and make them want to launch the app? Looking at the various examples of usage situations builds anticipation in the user. Moreover, minimalizing the amount of text and using a friendly tone and creating a level of intimacy with the user removes the typically stuffy and archaic feeling that manuals give to users and thus makes the whole thing more helpful.

This could be the new example for manuals going forward for Hansem and how we’ve been working hard on becoming the manual trend setters of Korea. We will continue to make every effort to innovate and diversify into the future.

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