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HansemEUG donates to the Red Cross


Since 2012, HansemEUG has been committed to supporting the Korean National Red Cross.

​As part of our support we have made donated $ 460 every month – $ 17,800 in total. At the same time, the staff at HansemEUG has also contributed personal monthly donations of $ 10 – $ 30, $ 42,000 in total.

The combined company and staff contributions has resulted in a $ 59,300 donation to be used where it is needed by the Red Cross.

Other donations

Do you remember Typhoon Haiyan that struck the Philippines in 2013? Haiyan was a powerful typhoon that was categorized as a super typhoon. It caused approximately 7,500 fatalities and resulted in almost US 3 billion dollars in property damage.

Assistance was provided from all over the world and HansemEUG donated $ 4,700 as a contribution to the cleanup and rebuild.

Locally, the tragic sinking of the Sewol Ferry resulted in more than 300 fatalities. A period of national mourning was held and many volunteers headed to Jindo to help with the rescue efforts. In recognition of the volunteers’ hard work and compassion HansemEUG donated $ 4,700.

The Korean National Red Cross recognized our contributions and presented us with a certificate and a plaque.

Everyone at HansemEUG is motivated to continue helping where we can and we want to thank the Red Cross for all the great work they do in Korea and internationally.

About Hansem Global

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