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Hansem’s foreign staff story 2_Jacob

Jacob V
MD Div.

I was born and raised in a small Midwest American community that I would describe as idyllic, but it was still a place that I was eager to leave. Like many of my peers, I jumped at the chance to leave my hometown after graduating high school. Because I wanted to see the world and do something meaningful for my community and country as a whole, I joined the military, at which point I was able to travel a significant amount and have many unique experiences. It was through my work in the Army that I first came to South Korea, resulting in me immediately falling in love with the food, culture, and people.

Jacob’s army days

After leaving the Army, I attended Korean university, learning the local language and immersing myself fully in Korean society. I have many fond memories of my time as a student and made many great friends. I still think of it as the time in my life where I began setting down deep roots on the peninsula and began striving towards and forming my long-term goals.

My life in Korea also allowed me to explore urban living for the first time. While I had visited big cities before, actually living in one was different, and the combined safety and convenience of the Seoul metro area is still something that puzzles me. It is still mind blowing to me how one place could be so safe, convenient, and affordable. The omnipresent cafés and exciting nightlife were perfect for my youth and university life, and as I get older I still find that I still frequently have new experiences while simultaneously pursuing my own interests like reading and gaming. In fact, Korea is quite an excellent place for gaming as it is world famous for e-sports. During my time in Korea, I have had the honor of playing my favorite game with professional players and have even been able to attend the world finals.

Korea is also where I met my fiancée and the love of my life. She is also a foreigner here and similarly loves Korea and its culture. One of the interesting things about being with another foreigner in another country is that we both get to experience new things together and overcome the same obstacles that can wind up in your path when you are a foreigner.

Jacob and his fiancée
Jacob’s pet dog, Pluto

Shortly after graduation, I found myself on the job market and looking for a good opportunity to do something interesting and that would allow me to save up some money and potentially transition into a PhD program. What initially was going to maybe just be a quick gig for a year or two quickly turned into three as I found that Hansem has an exceptional work environment and all of the tasks that I was doing were fulfilling and intellectually stimulating. I also saw that there was ample opportunity to move upwards and achieve a lot in the language service industry as a technical editor.

Because of the joys and potential that I have working at Hansem, I have no plans to leave. Working here provides me with a stable and comfortable life with the potential for growth and it also allows me a health work-life balance. I am able to pursue my own personal hobbies and goals while having a fulfilling work life. In the future, I see myself continuing my current career in technical editing and writing prose as an amateur on the side.

Not only has Hansem provided me with valuable training, both on the job and in the classroom, the company has also allowed me to work with many different language tools and become familiar with how to tackle a great variety of tasks. I feel fully capable of handling everything from technical manuals for electronic devices to medical documents to promotional materials because I have been able to work with such a wide array of clients.

Hansem is a very reliable company which has proven itself to be a highly capable and competitive player in marketing and language services. Even though I have been working here only a few short years, it has been awesome to witness its expansion and growth and to see its many successes. Our body of clients is always growing and there’s never a shortage of new things happening.

Hansem has a particularly bright future because of its deep connection to the Asian market in general, and to the Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese markets in particular. Moreover, the employees of Hansem are all skilled in what they do and hungry for opportunities to expand their skillset and explore new options. Our company is both “deep” and “wide,” capable of handling niche projects with our unique skillset and also capable of taking on new projects, pushing our own boundaries and staking out a new claim for ourselves. I expect that Hansem will continue to be a strong player for decades to come and will actively play a role in the shaping of the language services industry in Asia.

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