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Korean exporters to China seek clarification of the applicable product documentation standards for China

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On August 19, 2014 HansemEUG visited Beijing and confirmed an agreement with the China Association for Standardization (CAS). The Chinese national standards include compulsory standards that have been considered a risk factor by Korean exporters to China. Therefore, a lack of expertise concerning the interpretation and implementation of the provisions of GB 5296.1-2012 remains in Korea.To resolve this situation, the agreement between HansemEUG and CAS provides an opportunity for Korean exporters to obtain relevant and accurate information from a local source. The agreement will help to ensure that their product documentation is suitable for the Chinese market.

The agreement provides a strategic and collaborative framework that focuses on three main areas.

  1. Advisory services for the adoption of Chinese regulations and standards into product documentation.
  2. Evaluation services for the suitability, quality, and terminology of localized Chinese content.
  3. Advisory services for the adoption of Chinese regulations and standards into product standards and production processes.

Kim Yang-sook, HansemEUG’s CEO and Gao Jenjung, the Secretary-General of the China Association for Standardization.

A related article was introduced in the CAS website.

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