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Let’s End 2020 with a Bang!

Thao Vi
(Hansem Vietnam In-House Reviewer)

They say: “The time flies when you enjoy yourself”. As we looked back at an eventful 2020 and got ready for 2021, Director Kim had organized a gathering to celebrate the year-end as well as to reflect on ourselves.

Early preparations for the gathering were made when we worked on our self-evaluation for the second half of 2020. We had time to think about our performance, achievements, and contributions to the company throughout the year. Before the D-day, we each recorded our new-year resolutions. Laughter and giggling could be heard across our cozy office from the meeting-turned-recording room.

As the hour drew near, everyone tried to wrap up their unfinished business to leave on time. We made our way through the busy street of District 1 and 4 during rush hour and finally reached our favorite get-together spot in District 7. That dinner was slightly different from the ones we used to have because we had more time to bond with members from other teams. It was refreshing to chat and learn more about members with whom you did not talk before.

After feasting to our heart content, it was time for some action to burn up energy. Our regular game master, Tuong Vi had given us yet another challenge to test our harmony and consolidate our teamwork spirit. The atmosphere was getting hotter when Director Kim surprised everyone with an extra reward for the winning team. Each team had to nominate their best player to describe or act out the piece of information on the screen, which varied from HSVN’s members, MPM’s names, or general working terms. It would take quite a lot of time to guess if you were not in sync with your teammates and failed to understand their intention. The scene was chaotic yet hilarious as one tried to make use of their creative body language and seemingly-not-important-but-crucial details in hope of providing the best information for the teammates.

Our heart dropped a beat when the timer rung signaling end-game for the Green team. Then, the final result was announced and the winning team was no other than Blue Team with their excellent performance and harmony. Toan, who was known as the “sleeping prince”, couldn’t escape his losing “curse” and came in second with a close call (too bad!).

Red team in action (Kim Ngan, Bach Mai, Quynh Nhu, and Doan Trang)

When the cheering and celebrating were quiet down, we returned to our seats and followed Tuong Vi’s guide to look at the screen. The light began to dim as the memories that we created throughout the year started to appear. Smiling faces during birthday parties, Hansem’s “choo choo train” from the anniversary getaway, team feedback session after projects, Christmas celebration, and such flashed on the screen one after another. 2020 a year full of trials and tribulations, but we had managed to come out strong, together! Those fond memories gave us more strength to take on the new challenges of 2021. While each member set their new year’s resolutions and shared feelings on the screen, everyone was watching intently. After some funny remarks, the whole room burst into laughter. Each member might have different resolutions but all in all, we all worked toward the same goal: “To improve one’s skill set and be a better version of oneself”. Then, a new screen popped up. The reporter was no other than our Director, Kim. He walked us through all the difficulties that the company had faced during such a turbulent year and also set HSVN’s new year resolution “Be like the hard-working buffalo and turn challenges into opportunities”. The expectation for a great 2021 is visible on everybody’s face.

Look back on all those times

Then came the part everyone was eagerly waiting for, the highlight of the party, Hansem Vietnam: Year-End Award – YOU Award. These awards were dedicated to HSVN’s members for their contributions in every aspect of life at Hansem. All efforts were recognized, such as the Best Smile of Tran Dinh which warmed our heart, the Marvelous Music Taste of Bach Mai which eased our stress during break time, the Wise Owl of the office – Tuong Vi who had all the answers to all questions, the Energizer Bunny – Tran Luu who were the earliest staff, just to name a few. When it came to the Employee of the Year Award, everyone fell into silence and held their breath. And the awards went to… (drumroll please!) Ngoc Anh, Tuong Vi, and Tran Luu. Words of cheer and applause drown the room. Joyfulness spread across the cozy space as we truly felt how our hard work had been treasured.

Leader-Vote Awardees (Ms. Quynh Nhu, Mr. Toan, and Ms. Bach Mai) with Director Kim
Employees of the Year 2020 (Mr. Ngoc Anh, Ms. Tuong Vi, and Ms. Tran Luu)

2020 was a year full of challenges and difficulties but we managed to turn them into opportunities to test our spirit, to prove our strength. We had come through thanks to the hard work, unity, and harmony of our members. Although the pandemic continues, we can look forward to a bright 2021 because we are side by side.

Happy New Year!

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