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How Hansem Has Built and Maintained High-Quality Chinese Localization


As the most populous country in the world, China has a large localization industry, but it doesn’t mean that finding and training highly qualified linguists is easy. Of course, there are some Chinese language service providers (LSPs) with well-established processes and high-quality services. However, it is undeniable fact that there are many LSPs that use low prices as their selling point, but they often provide weak services and training processes for their staff, which are important to translation quality. The low-cost model inevitably utilizes low-cost labor to increase profits, which in turn makes it difficult to expect a high level of subject matter expertise and translation quality. As a result, we focused on expanding our pool of linguists with subject matter expertise in China, and this has become our biggest competitive advantage.

Our Chinese vendor managers recruit such linguists in compliance with ISO 17100, the International Translation Standard. We conduct language quality tests in each field and hire those who pass the test. This is how we handle all of our localization projects and meet the quality requirements of customers.

We also form close ties with our linguists, because we believe that they are our biggest asset. We support our top-tier linguists by offering rapid payment cycle and discuss any difficulties they are facing. This is because we view our linguists as business partners. Our China branch also has built its own translator management system and continue to manage them by recording key performance indicators, field expertise, language skills, technical skills, performance skills, CAT tool skills, delivery compliance rates, customer and reviewer feedback, and responsiveness in our translator management system.

All linguists in our Chinese office have more than a decade of translation experience and are skilled at dealing with jargon and specialize in content, such as marketing, technical documents, medical and pharmaceutical content, and legal documents. Based on these capabilities, we are able to secure the initial language quality. We have been verified for the TEP process by adding third-party evaluations, ISO17100 certification, and external audits through internal linguists and inspectors. Hiring resources based on ISO17100 standards has allowed us to build our expertise and reputation in the Chinese market in a short period.

Since 1990, Hansem has been providing language services to leading companies with a quality-oriented corporate mission. Now, with our Chinese office, we will continue to produce high-quality results thanks to our expertise in the field.

About Hansem Global

Hansem Global is an ISO Certified and globally recognized language service provider. Since 1990, Hansem Global has been a leading language service company in Asia and helping the world’s top companies to excel in the global marketplace. Thanks to the local production centers in Asia along with a solid global language network, Hansem Global offers a full list of major languages in the world. Contact us for your language needs!