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Hansem Global is dedicated to delivering exceptional services, serving the automobile sector with unparalleled expertise. Hansem Global has an intricate and meticulous understanding of the automobile industry, full of translators experienced in the trade. Our experienced team and knowledgeable processes guarantee to meet localization standards with any technical or specialized functionality, no matter how unique.

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We resonate the utmost confidence within our clients when assigned translation duties of specification sheets. Hansem Global is well-versed with the significance of detail in the automobile industry, and the need for all intricate points to be understood 100%. We create specification sheets that serve as the central point of reference for every user and every target market. Our 30+ years of experience in specification sheet translations has allowed us to develop procedures that ensure errorless and effective results. Localized documents are essential to increasing sales and building brand trust with your customer base. Thats our mantra; help create a channel to client success with any automobile product or service.


  • Technical Specifications
  • Technical Sheets
  • Vehicle Data Sheets
  • Automobile Catalogues