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Hansem Global is dedicated to delivering exceptional services, serving the automobile sector with unparalleled expertise. Hansem Global has an intricate and meticulous understanding of the automobile industry, full of translators experienced in the trade. Our experienced team and knowledgeable processes guarantee to meet localization standards with any technical or specialized functionality, no matter how unique.

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The technology behind automobiles is rapidly developing to meet the demand for increased functionality in today’s vehicles. Numerous automobile features seek to bring competitive advantages in the marketplace but face the need for efficient translations of their User-Interfaces. The technicalities behind each function needs to be understood by their users to ensure effective operation. At Hansem Global, we utilize our extensive experience and expertise to present comprehensive and polished UIs for the automobile industry. Every detail is translated to create maximum impact and usability for clients.


  • Infortainment Systems
  • Audio Modules
  • Naviation Modules
  • Video Modules
  • Instrument Clusters