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Game localization requires a lot more than just translating strings in the game due to the complexity of the process. At Hansem Global, we have a dedicated team of project managers, linguists, and LQA specialists who are concentrated to solely work on Game localization projects and have been serving global Game publishing clients for years. From game localization to testing, we can accommodate your game localization needs.

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Termbase and Translation Memory management is a critical aspect for game localization, as translations and the terms used within them must be kept consistent across various iterations, releases, updates, new content, events, etc. At Hansem Global we offer real-time, cloud-based Translation Memory and Term Base management to ensure term and VO consistency in all of your games.


  • Translation Memory Maintenance
  • Translation Memory Clean Up
  • Translation Memory Harmonization
  • Glossary Creation
  • Termbase Management
  • Terminology Update