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Game localization requires a lot more than just translating strings in the game due to the complexity of the process. At Hansem Global, we have a dedicated team of project managers, linguists, and LQA specialists who are concentrated to solely work on Game localization projects and have been serving global Game publishing clients for years. From game localization to testing, we can accommodate your game localization needs.

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Hansem Global is fully ISO 18587 certified, with vast experience in mass-scale translation projects using Machine Translation systems. Our linguists are professionally trained and certified with Machine Translation Post-editing and Machine Translation Project Management. We also offer translation engine training and management services, as well as pre-editing services to optimize Machine Translation output.


Full MT post-editing

Hansem Global also provides full MTPE services. On this level of post-editing, Hansem ensures that the output is accurate, comprehensible, and stylistically adequate, with correct syntax, grammar, and punctuation.

  • Ensuring that no information has been added or omitted
  • Revising any inappropriate content
  • Restructuring sentences in cases of incorrect or unclear meaning
  • Producing grammatically, syntactically, and semantically correct translations
  • Ensuring the use of client and/or domain terminology
  • Complying with spelling, punctuation, and hyphenation rules for the target language
  • Ensuring that stylistic guidelines provided by the client are followed