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Legal & Business


In the translation industry, one of the most highly specialized areas is legal and business translation. Our qualified and certified legal translators can help you translate from simple immigration documents to more complex litigation and IP documents. If you are looking for an experienced, top of the line language service provider to work with, Hansem Global is your answer.

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The finance and banking industry works at lightning speed. The global marketplace is volatile, and organizations need to keep up with changes in procedure and regulation. Most renowned businesses will operate in various marketplaces worldwide – each with its financial terms, jargon, and applications. The required operational documentation creates a demand for dedicated localization with a fast turnaround.

Hansem Global offers a team dedicated to the localization of financial and banking documents. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience of local industry practices – transposing global jargon to resonate with the niche market. Companies worldwide have trusted our expertise to deliver business plans, budget reports, and more into the local fray.


  • Financial Statements
  • Annual Reports
  • Finance & Securities
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate