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Indonesian Translation and Localization Services

The Indonesian language, also known as Bahasa Indonesia – which literally translates to “language Indonesia,” is the national language of this Pacific country. However, there are a number of different dialects that are spoken within Indonesia. In fact, Bahasa might be the national language of the country, and is spoken by more than 90% of the populace – but only about 20% of the population consider it their primary language. From there, Javanese becomes the most common primary language, which is spoken by more than 30% of the population.

Considering the different languages and dialects that exist within Indonesia, doing business in the country can become quite complicated – especially when you’ve got to translate documents, software, documentation, machine manuals, and so much more.

Hansem Global Delivers

Here at Hansem Global, we’re proud to provide our clients with the translation support that they need for the Indonesian language. With professional Indonesian translation services, you can ensure that your business has the support it needs to do business in Indonesia, to plan an expansion, or to begin working with new stakeholders in the country.

With a wide range of professional translation services that cater to nearly every need and requirement, you can rest assured knowing that Hansem Global is here to deliver the results you seek.

Why The Indonesian Language Requires Professional Translation

The Indonesian archipelago is a unique location geographically, but it’s just as unique culturally as well. While people who call Indonesia home are mostly natives and people who have spent generations in Indonesia, there are also people who hail from a variety of countries in the nearby region.

Because Indonesia has such a wonderfully diverse culture, the population communicates in a variety of ways. For instance, Bahasa isn’t exactly the most common language that you’ll find Indonesians speaking – even though it’s the national language.

With this in mind, it should be simple to see just why the Indonesian language requires professional translation services. In order to make your documents and content easily accessible to the widest possible population within Indonesia, you’ll need to take these language differences into account – and Hansem Global can help.

Localized Indonesian Language Support

Keeping things localized is always the right move – remember, Indonesia is full of people who speak different languages, so catering to the local dialect is key. Our team of experts understands this challenge, and we’ve got the right solutions.

  • Website Localization
  • Software Localization
  • Technical Document Localization
  • Multimedia Localization

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With locations in South Korea, the US, Vietnam, and China, we remain strategically positioned to become your premiere Indonesian language translation partner. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer.