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Korean Translation and Localization Services

When it comes down to it, Korean might not be one of the most popular or common languages out there, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t important for businesses operating in an increasingly globalized world. With that in mind, Hansem Global is here to provide our clients with professional translation services specifically tailored to the Korean language.

With professional Korean translation services, you can ensure that your business has access to the support it needs to conduct business in South Korea, without worrying about miscommunications. At Hansem Global, we provide a range of translation services that enhance your Korean experience.

Why Korean Requires Professional Translation

Through our Korean localization translation services, we bring years of experience to the table that includes an ISO17100-certified translation quality management system, customized process implementation, and multilingual localization quality assurance professionals on our team to ensure seamless Korean translation services. But before we begin talking about our services, why exactly does the Korean language require professional translation?

The Korean Language At A Glance

Korean is obviously a language that contains a different alphabet than languages like English, French, German, or Italian. Similar to other Asian languages, Korean uses own characters system called “Hangul” and different symbols to represent words and letters. With that in mind, it can become increasingly difficult for business owners to simply translate original documents into Korean without making slight mistakes through the translation. For that very reason, Hansem Global provides localized Korean translation services to ensure that every translation is clean and authentic.

How We Help Our Clients

Our dedicated team of professional specialists like linguists and project managers work hand in hand with our clients to deliver personalized translation services every step of the way. With a comprehensive suite of differentiated localization services, no task is too challenging for our team. Take a look down below to view our differentiated localization services:

  • ISO17100-certified translation quality management system.
  • Customized process that tailor to client’s expectation and requirements.
  • Multilingual localization quality assurance professionals.
  • 3-step translation, editing, and proofreading processes.
  • Team of subject matter experts for each industry sector.
  • The largest multilingual desktop publishing team in Korea.
  • Engineering group with complete language related technologies including TMS, CAT, machine translation, and document engineering technical support.
Localization Is Key

We’re firm believers that localized transition is key because it ensures a high degree of linguistic quality that makes each translation original and authentic. At Hansem Global, we work hand in hand with our clients across a wide range of translation services to ensure that they consistently end up with a clean and clear Korean translation.

Why You Should Contact Us Today

Here at Hansem Global, we provide our services across a variety of industries:

Our team is experienced, thorough, and passionate about what we do, and we bring a wealth of resources to the table for our clients when it comes to professional translation services. With offices around the world in countries like South Korea, the US, Vietnam, and China, we’ve been lending our expertise and our services to businesses throughout the last 30 years on a global scale.

We’re committed to the success of your project by leveraging our full suite of resources. Contact us today to learn more about our Korean translation services.