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Listed As The Top
30 Fastest -
Growing LSP

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Nimdzi Insights, a world-renowned market research company, has announced its list of the top 100 language service providers (LSPs) for 2020, and Hansem is proud to be ranked as one of the top 30 fastest-growing LSP in the world.

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Ever since its decision to join the international market and tighten international relations, the demand for language exchanges in Vietnam has snowballed.

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30 Years of
the No. 1 LSP
in Korea

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I originally joined Hansem in late 2013. One of my first memories of the company was attending the year-end party with all the staff at a banquet hall.

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Global Top 50 Language Service Providers

We work with language professionals from 124 parts of the world. They are fluent in the major languages and regional variants used in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Together we provide localization services for the electronics, gaming, software, machinery, automotive, and medical device industries.

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Leading Asian Language Services Company

Hansem Global is the first and only translation company in Korea to gain recognition as one of the top 50 global language service providers and to acquire ISO 17100 certification for translation quality management. Our unique translation services entail a specialized translation process and thorough quality inspection.

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Global 500s, high-profile brands, boutique firms, and organizations of all shapes and sizes have benefited immensely from working with us. Find out how Hansem Global can help you dramatically reduce your communication costs, improve revenues with effective Asian language-speaking community outreach, and achieve growth with our long list of enablement.

From Google Review

Kimm Kim


I love how they're well-organized, informative and responsive. They are also very understanding and respectful when helping me with questions and support I need. I genuinely feel they treat people with respect!

From Google Review

Henry Choi


Brian and his team are a joy to partner up with on translation/localization projects - from onboarding to deliverables. Very detail-oriented, communicative throughout the process and delivers high-quality work.


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