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Game localization requires a lot more than just translating strings in the game due to the complexity of the process. At Hansem Global, we have a dedicated team of project managers, linguists, and LQA specialists who are concentrated to solely work on Game localization projects and have been serving global Game publishing clients for years. From game localization to testing, we can accommodate your game localization needs.

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Every industry and each business within has its own set of unique terms and expressions. It is important to maintain the consistency of these terms and expressions across all content to ensure unified branding and accurate delivery of your message. Implementing and utilizing the latest Termbase systems will guarantee terminology consistency throughout your entire product portfolio and boost localization speed, accuracy, and consistency. Let Hansem Global be your partner for developing, managing, and updating the glossaries and termbases for your content.


  • Glossary Creation
  • Glossary Update
  • Multilingual Termbase Management
  • Multilingual Terminology Update