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Thai Translation and Localization Services

The Thai language, also known as Siamese, is the most common dialect used in the emerging south pacific cultural hub of Thailand. Not only is Thailand a beautiful place to call home for those who live there, but it’s also becoming a global destination for travelers, adventurers, and business professionals. With that in mind, Hansem Global is here to provide our clients with professional translation services specifically tailored to the Thai language.

With professional Thai translation services, you can ensure that your business has everything it needs to either expand into Thailand, or to begin working with clients, partners, and vendors in the region seamlessly. Our goal is to ensure that your documents are translated correctly and accurately, and that the meaning you’re trying to convey is the meaning that is retained across a wide range of documents and Thai-based content. Through our range of translation services, Hansem Global is proud to be your partner.

Why The Thai Language Requires Professional Translation

The Thai language is a beautiful language that is spoken and written predominantly in Thailand. The dialect itself is mostly based off of the dialect spoken in the city of Bangkok. While there are other regional dialects that extend outwards of the capital city, the language is mostly similar throughout the country.

However, the Northeastern dialects can be quite similar to the dialects spoken in Laos, while the Northern and Southern regions also have their own dialects. With this in mind, it is absolutely critical for any business looking to do business in Thailand that they cover all of these regional dialects within their translated documents or content.

Not to mention, one of the most interesting aspects of the Thai language is that it often includes and incorporates foreign words into its common dialects. For instance, some of the oldest foreign words that are cemented into the Thai language include Chinese words. In addition, more recent Chinese slang words have come to find a home within the Thai language as well.

Although English is taught in many schools and in all public schools in Thailand, it is still critically important that your documents and content embrace the native tongue to ensure clear and consistent meaning across your communications – and Hansem Global is here to help.

Through our Thai language localization services, we bring years of experience to the table that includes an ISO17100-certified translation quality management system. This comprehensive system allows us to offer exciting services and specializations including customized process implementation and multilingual localization. From there, our quality assurance professionals work to ensure seamless Thai language translation services across our services.

How We Help Our Clients

Our dedicated team of translation specialists work hand in hand with our clients to deliver personalized translation services every step of the way. With a comprehensive suite of differentiated localization services, no task is too challenging for our team. Take a look down below to view our differentiated localization services:

  • ISO17100-certified translation quality management system.
  • Customized process implementation.
  • Multilingual localization quality assurance professionals.
  • 3-step translation, editing, and proofreading processes.
  • Team of subject matter experts for each industry sector.
  • Engineering group with complete machine translation and technical support.
Localized Thai Language Support

Because the most common dialect of Thai isn’t always spoken by the local populace depending on where you’re situating your business, you will most certainly require localized Thai language support to ensure proper and consistent meaning across geographical regions within the country. Our team works hand in hand with our clients across a wide range of translation services to ensure that they consistently end up with a clean and clear Thai translation regardless of region.

Why You Should Contact Us Today

Here at Hansem Global, we provide our services across a variety of industries:

With locations in South Korea, the US, Vietnam, and China, we remain strategically positioned to become your premiere Thai language translation partner. Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer.