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Malay Translation and Localization Services

Malay is spoken by up to 290 million people globally. The language is known as one of the easiest Austronesian languages. As it has no conjugations, no plurals, no gender or verb tenses.

While this feature might endear the language to the general public, it might prove technical in communicating with your business partners. This is because organizations must take extra care when localizing language content for audiences in this region.

At Hansem Global, we are delighted to take on the role of assisting organizations with premium quality Malay translation and localization services.

We understand the importance of passing messages across platforms or regions consistently and efficiently. Our professional Malay translation and localization experts are well-versed in the local language and are always available to meet your translation and localization needs.

Why You Need Professional Malay Translation and Localization Services

We live in a world that is advancing in astonishing leaps and bounds, especially in the technological industry.

It is very easy for anybody to learn how to do anything on the internet. With an Austronesian language as uncomplicated as Malay, one might wonder why it is important to get professional Malay translation and localization services.

There are a lot of reasons and benefits. Let’s discuss some of them:

You can’t Speak Malay

This is clearly one of the obvious reasons why you should use a professional Malay translation service. In this age of technology, you might think that it’s best to let a computer do your translation for you.

That’s a very bad idea. Computers are well, computers. They don’t understand cultural context and a whole lot of other nuances. Using a computer for your Malay translation and localization can be disastrous.

A funny example of this was the Galician Produce Festival that made use of Google translate. They wanted to translate from Galician to Spanish. What was the result? “The Galician Clitoris Festival.” While this might be funny or even cheeky, things could have been worse.

Malay has about 290 million speakers worldwide. You don’t want to put your company’s potential to tap this market in the hands of a robot.

Translating Optimized Materials

There are a lot of things that can be lost in translation. Optimisation is one of them. For instance, you might have optimized your content for search engines. If you let a bot or a random Mmalay speaker translate this content for your company, you lose all the optimisation you have already set into the content.

At Hansem Global, we’re also SEO experts and we know just the right way to implement SEO into your Malay translation.

This doesn’t only apply to SEO. You might have optimized your content for a specific target audience. If you do a literal translation, you might miss the context and even end up offending your audience.

With our professional Malay translation services, you can be sure that the content we’ll translate for you would convey the right cultural context and norms.

Translation for your Unique Industry

Each industry over time evolves its own vocabulary. This is why a Professor of Economics would have a hard time understanding content written for the IT industry.

This vocabulary balkanization also happens in other languages — Malay included.

With professional Malay translation, you can be sure that translation takes your industry vocabulary into consideration. In fact, at Hansem Global, we have sector specific expertise in industries as varied as gaming, IT, to industrial equipment and medicaldevices.


As a business, you might need to translate confidential documents for internal use. Using a service like Google Translate gives Google the right to use your confidential documents for their own purposes. Surely, you don’t want something so sensitive in the hands of another corporation.

It is also not advisable for you to let amateur translators handle your confidential documents. They do not have the standards that a professional translating service has. With a professional Malay translator, you can sign a binding non-disclosure agreement that would ensure your confidential documents remain confidential when they are translated.

Clear Terms and Conditions

You need a professional translator because you get clear terms and conditions. A professional Malay translator would be able to easily assess the difficulty of the work and the time it would take to translate it.

With clear terms and conditions, you’ll know what to expect, and when to expect it. Also, as was stated earlier, the contract can include other legal obligations like a non-disclosure agreement, non-compete, and so much more.

You won’t get these with either a robot or an amateur translator.

Handling Legal and Regulatory Requirements

The meaning of words is also very important when it comes to legal and regulatory requirements. For instance, you might be a company who wants to bring in drugs to Malaysia, or you want to test a product with strict regulation.

Things of this nature are very sensitive, and a wrong word here or there could be what prevents you from successfully launching your product in Malaysia.

Also, since you’ll be doing business in Malaysia, you’ll need to translate your legal documents and contracts into Malay. This is something you wouldn’t want to slack on as doing so exposes you to legal liabilities.

With professional Malay translation services, you can be sure that your documents would be translated up to legal and regulatory standards. We can also work hand in hand with your lawyers to ensure that legal documents translated carry out your legal intention.

How we can help our clients

At Hansem Global, you can have access to professional Malay translation services. We’re an international company that has offered translation services to a wide range of companies in multiple industries. Past clients include companies such as Alibaba, Siemens, Twitch, and so on.

Our past clients can testify to the quality of our services. If you’re in need of professional malay translation, feel free to reach out to us.