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Hansem Global implemented Plunet, a leading translation business & translation management system and memoQ server, a cloud based translation & localization management solutions to collaborate with clients, PM, and linguists from all over the world. Hansem Global can manage and automate multilingual localization processes on a global scale and automate quality checks, and speed up translation processes.

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Hansem Global implemented MemoQ Server, Translation Management System, to provide our clients scalable translation services and streamline translation and localization processes. With this enterpise level and advanced translation productivity tool, Hansem Global can closely collaborate with linguists, project managers, and clients in cloud environment. You can simply open a browser and log in to Hansem Global MemoQ Web to keep track of the progress and work in parallel with our teams in real-time.

Plunet Project Management System

Hansem Global has been using Plunet Translation Business Management System to streamline translation businesss processes, simplify workflow, and collaboration with our customers.

Customer Portal

With customer portal, our clients enjoy straightforward request process and overviews of project statuses. With one click, our clients can request projects, accept the quotes, upload project files, and download finalized deliverables.


The customer portal provides all of financial related information at a glace such as requests, quotes, orders, invoices, and monthly & yearly spendings.