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People in Asia speak various languages and the way they think differ greatly depending on the region. Transcreate your content to engage in Asian markets in the most effective manner. Marketing translation requires different skills than just translating technical content. In-house copy-editors and transcreators at Hansem Global will transform your content to convey the appropriate marketing messages to promote your brand, products, and services.

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Want to reach much wider audience and market? Website localization is not only translating text in the webpage but also adapting the website to make it culturally suitable to a target audience. More than 1/3 of all internet users are non-English speakers, and they will likely make more purchase if the website is in their language. Website localization will bring clear benefit as businesses expand into new regions and markets, reach a global audience and increase international sales.


  • E-commerce Website
  • Information Website
  • Business Website
  • Corporate Website
  • Web Portal
  • Microsite
  • Landing Page
  • eLearning Website