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Innovating QR Code Verification: From Cyclops and To Odysseus Project Inspired by Greek Mythology


The task of verifying QR code URLs for Hyundai Mobis’ web manuals commenced like an adventure from mythology. When naming development projects, we occasionally draw inspiration from mythological figures, and ‘Cyclops’ and ‘Odysseus’ came to hold special significance due to the parallels between their stories and the project’s evolution.

The Challenge

Hyundai Mobis adopted a system to show QR codes on their vehicle’s Audio, Video, and Navigation (AVN) modules, allowing users to access web manuals on mobile devices. The challenge was to accurately confirm the URLs within these QR codes. With numerous URLs varying by vehicle model and language, manual verification was overwhelming. However, another option to purchase an expensive QR code reader to solve the problem was in doubt in terms of cost and work efficiency.

The Solution

Developing a QR Code Recognition System Using Affordable Webcams

To address the challenge of QR code verification, we created a system called ‘Cyclops’, which employs affordable webcams for QR code recognition.

The ‘Cyclops’ system operates by using the webcam to identify QR code images. It then temporarily stores the URLs from these QR codes and compares them with a list of URLs in an Excel file for verification. The webcam’s lens, reminiscent of the mythical one-eyed creature Cyclops, inspired the name of the project.

While effective, this method still required manual input, with users needing to physically present the QR codes in front of the webcam. To streamline the process, we developed a more advanced system. This new system is designed to autonomously extract and verify URLs directly from QR code images, eliminating the need for manual scanning.

Automatic Verification through QR Code Image Analysis and URL Extraction

The concept of directly extracting URLs from QR code images without relying on a webcam led to collaborative discussions with the manual production team. Our goal was to create a solution that enabled verification without the need for any physical hardware.

Developing this solution posed significant challenges, including difficulties in accurately recognizing certain QR code images and issues with compatibility with the standard browser. Despite these obstacles, our team at Hansem Global remained dedicated, constantly refining and updating the system. Drawing inspiration from the Greek myth of Odysseus, who faced numerous hardships and endured a long journey before finally returning home, we aptly named this innovative solution “Odysseus.”

Significance Outcomes and Achievements

Implementing “Odysseus” greatly improved efficiency by reducing the time required for QR code verification and enhancing the accuracy of the results, all without relying on costly equipment. This innovative approach originated from a groundbreaking idea and has significantly revolutionized the management of Hyundai Mobis web manuals. It also serves as a pivotal example of applying technical strategies and automation solutions.

The journey of developing this project, filled with various challenges and successes, has been immensely educational for the team. The names “Cyclops” and “Odysseus,” drawn from Greek mythology, represent more than just project titles. They symbolize a voyage through technological hurdles and the pursuit of innovation.

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