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Enhancing User Experience: Behind the Scenes of Galaxy S24 Product Manual Improvement

Min-Gyeong Lee
Manual Dev.

Earlier this year, Samsung Electronics launched the Galaxy S24, introducing notable advancements in both its software and hardware features. These included on-device AI functions and the removal of the edge screen from the ultra model. Additionally, significant improvements were made to the product’s user manual.

These enhancements weren’t just about updating the manual to match the product changes. They were a proactive response to user feedback gathered from customer data. By listening to our users, we quickly integrated their insights into the newly developed S24 manual.

Hansem Global’s Approach


The client requested Hansem Global to initiate content improvement effort by analyzing user feedback data to align with end user’s needs.

Requirement Analysis:

Initially, we meticulously reviewed the client-provided requirements, which consisted of two documents totaling approximately 130 items. Despite some duplicates, the analysis process was time-consuming. The documents, although confidential, contained detailed instructions on why and how each item required improvement. Additionally, user opinions were invaluable in guiding our improvement efforts.

Deriving Solutions:

Technical writers at Hansem Global collaborated to brainstorm solutions for each classified opinion. While some items had straightforward solutions, others necessitated extensive coordination. Nonetheless, this collaborative process was essential in devising specific methods for applying each improvement direction.

Implementing Feedback:

Improvement directions were translated into actionable steps, including content modifications, application locations, and rationales. Parts requiring coordination with clients were separated and submitted for review. The iterative process of gathering internal and client feedback led to difficult consultations but ultimately ensured the final decision was well-informed.

Improving Product Manual:

With the direction established, the improved content was applied to all Galaxy S24 regional languages awaiting release.

What Were The Results?

The content in product manual improvement efforts resulted in a more user-friendly experience compared to the previous version. The enhancements can be categorized into four types.

Let’s dive into each of them with the example.

1. Enhancement in Usage Information:



2. Newly Added Heading:


3. Change in Explanation Style:



4. Reflecting App Update:




When I joined Hansem Global and received basic technical writer training, the most emphasized aspect was user-friendly content and writing. However, in reality, there were often situations where various internal and external factors led to outcomes different from what theory suggested. This improvement project made me rethink the original intention of being a technical writer for users, rather than just a job, which I find profoundly meaningful.

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