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Multilingual Business Websites Are The Future

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How do you increase customer traffic, build trust, and create more public awareness of your product or services? The answer is simple: create a multilingual business website.

Would you like to expand your business? What if you could do it in a guaranteed manner without entirely depleting your budget? Sounds unbelievable, right? Not really. Here’s the answer: Create a multilingual business website.

After translating their website, hundreds of thousands of companies have benefited significantly. What’s the precise reason for their success? They cared enough to change and update their website.

We’re going to introduce you to the best reasons to invest in a process that will change your website to one that is multilingual.

Build Brand Recognition and Trust

You will achieve greater brand awareness, the more people visit and stay on your website. For that to happen, translation is necessary. From around the world, your website will attract people who will begin associating your service or product with one that is a leader. Set yourself apart from the competition by having a website that caters to more than just English-speaking consumers.

You will create repeat customers because you’re showing anyone who views your website that you care about them. You cared enough to go multilingual.

Increase Website Traffic

Your website will be visited by more users from around the world with great multilingual SEO (see below) and a multilingual business website. Within weeks, you will see traffic to your website increase once it’s translated.

Multilingual SEO Improvement

For finding new customers, SEO is a crucial strategy. So, for different languages, enhance your SEO by going multilingual. Remember, your rankings might take a hit if you’re trying to promote your website in a language that is unfamiliar to some Internet users.

New Market Expansion

You may not have realized the markets you can access until you experience new customers introduced to your company via your translated business website. As an example, a good starting point, if you wanted to move into a South American market, would be to use Portuguese and Spanish for your business website. You have now appealed to a completely new market and fresh clientele.

Fewer and Fewer Native English Speakers Surf the Web

Granted, there are any number of individuals surfing the web whose first language is English. But more and more, people are jumping online who are not particularly fluent in English. In fact, English was the native language of only 25.3% of Internet users late in 2017. Imagine all the people that equates to who are viewing your website without any idea of what it says!

Just how many non-English speaking people want to view your website? The number of individuals from non-English-speaking countries number 2.7 billion.

Sales Increase

What is the driving force behind most company decisions? Answer: An increase in sales. That’s exactly what you’ll get once you make your business website a multilingual one. When a consumer is viewing a website in their own language, they are more inclined to make a purchase.


When it comes to ways of expanding your business, one of the most reliable, yet cheapest, options is to create a multilingual business website. Talk to one of our experts to find out how much it will cost you to convert your website to multiple languages. With our assistance, your multilingual site won’t crash, will be secure, will load quickly, and look exactly the way you want it to.

Here’s whom to turn to.

It’s Time to Take the First Step Toward a Multilingual Website

At Hansem Global, we put our expertise to work for you with 30+ years of translation and localization backing us up. Contact us today for information.

About Hansem Global

Hansem Global is an ISO Certified and globally recognized language service provider. Since 1990, Hansem Global has been a leading language service company in Asia and helping the world’s top companies to excel in the global marketplace. Thanks to the local production centers in Asia along with a solid global language network, Hansem Global offers a full list of major languages in the world. Contact us for your language needs!