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25th Anniversary of HansemEUG

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On July 10th, HansemEUG celebrated its 25th anniversary.

I’m sure everyone will appreciate how difficult it is for a company to continually expand and improve over the course of 25 years. In order to celebrate this milestone, our CEO prepared a special event for her executives and employees.

Surprise Event

Employees arrived to discover that the lobby was filled with beautiful flowers and the CEO had posted messages of support on each floor.

Our CEO had taken the time and effort to put different flowers in each office to suit each space. The flower shop owner even asked if VIPs were visiting!

Thanks to the surprise event, all HansemEUG employees felt proud and had a great day. After finishing our day’s work, we headed to the hotel where the company’s anniversary event was held.

Award Ceremony

The event began with an award ceremony. Employees who had performed exceptionally well received a range of awards including the Merit Award, the Excellence Award, the Newcomer Award, the Mentor Award, and the Long Service Award. The lucky award winners were given a plaque and prize money.

The winners posed with the CEO for pictures.

HansemEUG’s 25th Birthday

HansemEUG’s birthday party would not be complete without the words of the CEO, right? As she does not have much time to communicate with us, she often prepared long speeches on A4 paper for official events. This year, she sensibly prepared a concise speech on five PPT slides.

During her speech, the CEO highlighted the importance and meaning of the messages displayed on each floor in the office. She told the gathered employees that they are the key to the company’s continued development and the audience responded with enthusiastic applause.

Three Rounds of Cheers to Three-letter Acrostic Poem

HansemEUG has expanded rapidly over the past few years and there are now a number of newly-established teams and a growing number of new recruits. From time to time, we even run into unfamiliar faces in the company!

As we often collaborate with other teams, we took time to recognize the hard work of the team managers, team leaders and their team members. Each team’s manager and team leader re-introduced their team’s duties and vision for the future. I thought their speeches would be ordinary but I was wrong! Team managers had prepared their speeches in different and interesting ways.

Here are some memorable team speeches.

Type: Three Rounds of Cheers

Data Solution Team: They spoke gently but finished with three rounds of cheers. The team manager was genuinely excited during the speech.

Type: Three-letter Acrostic Poem

Manual Development Team 2: The team manager and team leader stepped up with pre-prepared materials as though they were attending a glamorous Hollywood award ceremony.

They read out a witty acrostic poem which reiterated the meaning of HansemEUG’s 25th anniversary. After being greeted with a lukewarm response, they picked up sketchbooks written with words such as “Applause” and “Laughter” to achieve the desired reaction.

Type: Team Participation

There are times when you can only complete a task with the help of a team. The entire Manual Development Team 1 hoped to finish their speech by having all members form a heart shape with their hands above their heads. However, judging by the pictures, I guess a few couldn’t pull it off. 🙂

Also, we can’t leave out the words from our directors and branch managers. Three directors and branch managers who flew over from China shared encouraging words for Hansem workers and urged them to continue their good work.

Dinner time, at last!

What’s better than eating a delicious meal to celebrate such an important milestone? The final part of the anniversary event was a great dinner. Even those who were on a diet for the summer filled their plates with food!


HansemEUG also interviewed a few Hansem employees at the anniversary event. Click here for some interesting interviews.

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