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HansemEUG Introduces Korean Localization Style Guide!

Ari the Tiger
LS Div.

As the first company in Korea to receive ISO 17100 certification, the international standard for translation services, all of us at HansemEUG always strive to be the best in translation quality management, and as part of our commitment to excellent quality, we have created the Korean Localization Style Guide.

This style guide is intended for translators who work with us on localization projects and provides basic guidelines to improve the quality of translations. In addition to the basic localization guidelines, there is also useful information regarding localization concepts and descriptions of various service types.

The latest version of this style guide is from January, 2019, and we will continue to update it as we continue to monitor the best practices for translation guidelines.

We hope that the Hansem EUG Korean Localization Style Guide is useful for many of you!

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