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Training Course at VPM: Coaching skills for Manager

Toan Nguyen

Greetings to all. 😊

It’s Toan (again). It has been a while since my last blog (2 years ago?). Recently, I have just been promoted to the Team Leader position of the Customer Service team. In the beginning, I was overwhelmed by my new role and responsibilities. I was constantly perplexed and baffled about which should be the appropriate coaching method to train and coach my team members.

Fortunately, our Director understands my inner struggles and registered a Coaching Course for all Hansem Vietnam’s team leaders. This “Coaching Skills for Managers” course was taught by Mr. Phan Huu Loc – a legendary guru in the Coaching and Training field, and it was promised to be a fruitful and valuable 02-day course for all of us.

Objectively speaking, I never fully appreciated the benefits of employee coaching. I used to have this mindset that providing for and training your employee was not essential as long as they brought in the result. I was so wrong!

Contrary to my outdated belief, coaching and training staff to maximize effectiveness is one of a manager’s most crucial responsibilities. A great manager should be able to support their staff members in developing their problem-solving abilities, decision-making skills, and career development orientation.

The definition of coaching was the first thing we discovered in this course. Coaching is founded on 5 basic principles: cooperation, result, thinking, trust, and discovery. It is not only a training session where people are taught some information or skills. Instead of that, the first rule to establish a foundation for coaching and work results is cooperation. Coaching is also an approach to enhancing professional and work-related skills built on mutual trust between the coach and the employee. The five principles above inspire motivation and the drive to unlock employees’ hidden potential.

For the first time, I know that employees would be split into 4 groups according to their competence and motivation. A corresponding coaching technique, such as DONE, EDIC, PRODA, or GROW, is required to attain high efficiency and realize each employee’s potential. The coach can still adaptively use these business and casual conversation strategies to impart knowledge to our kids.

Before taking the course, explaining my ideas to employees and guiding/coaching them was difficult. Fortunately, I had the chance to practice in various circumstances thanks to Mr. Phan Huu Loc’s hands-on approach to learning. Additionally, all the information from the training session is condensed using simple formulas to comprehend and remember. Giving feedback to staff members, for instance, necessitates using three feedback tools, Sandwich, KFDB, and AID, as well as the feedback concept FAST.

On the second day, while the class meeting was in progress, the room’s lights abruptly went out. I was perplexed and thought this must be one of Mr. Loc’s approaches to delivering the content. Out of the blue, everyone started singing “Happy Birthday,” and I was given an enormous birthday cake. It turned out that everyone had planned a cozy surprise party for me. At the time, I was over the moon and touched by Mr. Loc and his assistants’ loving thoughts and gestures.

It was nice to observe how enthusiastically every member of Hansem Vietnam participated in the training session’s activities. Four team leaders actively participated in all discussions and exchanges to learn as much as possible. There were always specific scenarios in the course where students could apply what they had learned through role-playing. At the end of the course, Ms. Tuong Vi and Ms. Thao were awarded the top rewards for their efforts.

I sincerely appreciate the tremendous knowledge provided by Mr. Phan Huu Loc throughout the course. By the time the training was over, my managerial level had significantly improved, and I was excited to put what I had learned into practice.

I am also deeply touched by the fantastic learning opportunity provided by Hansem Vietnam. Instead of letting me drown in my own lacking, the company provided me with professional skill sets, allowing me to learn from the best and maximize my potential. I can’t wait to apply what I have learned to good use, work hard, and support Hansem Vietnam with all my heart.

See you all at the upcoming training sessions!

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